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◆Product specifications:

Thickness Film width Roll diameter Roll mandrll inner dia
30-250μm 1300mm 300-1000mm 3"6"
 Classic structure: PA/TIE/PE/TIE/EVOH/TIE/PA/TIE/PE
 P.S.:Customers can choose other specifications.

◆Product performance:        

         Barrier stretch film  
Test Item Unit Classic Value
 Tensile MPA MPa 35

 Elongation at break

% 430
 Heat sealing strength N/15mm 20
 Transmittance % 93
 Haze % 11
 Glossiness   80
 C.O.F   0.18
 WTR g/mm 24h.atm 5.6
 OTR ml/mm 24h.atm 2.5

◆Product distription:  
        All the covering materials for heat-forming packaging vessels,are suitable for rigid-film forming packaging. It has printable comp  
osite structure with nine-layer co-extruded film,and has goodsealing property。We also provide easy-opening covering film。  
         All the raw materials of our products go through certiificates of FDA,EC,REACH,and there is absolutely no additive during the  
process.The products go through certificats of QS in Australia,America,Japan and Europe and achieve food safety level.  
◆Storage conditions:  

          Please store at 5~35℃,keep dry,ventilated,and keep away from heat source at least 1 meter。

◆Advantage and Character:  
1。The film is directly made by the multilayer co-extrusion blowing。 It is soft and it has high transparency,whiteness, gloss;  
2.Preventing spoilage for a long time,and convenient for storage and transpotation,having good sealing property,highly moisturepro  
of,tightness and anti-light property;  
3.Durable in extreme low or high temperature;processing adaptability is strong, printing effect is very good,  according to the cust  
omer demand we can design covering film different materials and structure;  


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